Learning and Instructional Design Specialist


b. 1986, HK.

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Experienced learning specialist and content writer that believes in the power of storytelling, data and the strategic use of digital media and instructional technology to support human experience.

Qualitative researcher, designer, and support for teachers and faculty in the development of innovative teaching and learning opportunities in K-post secondary settings. Leader and collaborator with programmers, data architects and university leadership re-designing a student online course evaluation system that services over 30,000 students.

Insights gathered from these experiences have been disseminated as published articles in research journals, book chapters, online and offline curricula for in school and after school organizations, digital videos, and data analytics for faculty and university leaders.

For six years prior to 2007, I was a reading and history/ social studies classroom teacher and curriculum designer in Chicago working with youth ages 6-21 using project and inquiry based learning models.

Specialties: learning environment, curriculum and instructional designer, researcher of digital media, learning and literacy development, teacher